Stainless dual overshelf
Product Information
Size: 300mm x 1500mm (840mm high)

Catering, Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, Shop:
These shelves are just right for display counters, kitchen servery and many other applications.

These overshelves are the perfect companion for our stainless steel benches.
Shelves,uprights,and the four mounting feet are all 304 stainless steel.

In some applications it will not be necessary to fix the shelves in place, however for safety and more permanent situations these shelves can easily be bolted down.
Each of the 4 legs fits into a lower foot which is supplied and which has a single mounting hole that can be screwed or bolted to a table or bench top. Each upright locks into the foot and can then be easily removed for transport or cleaning.
The lower shelf is adjustable to any height and locks in place on the uprights easily with 4 hidden grub screws.